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Politique de confidentialité - Hotel Áncora da Ría


Hotel Áncora da Ría wants to inform customers and users of its website, a policy that is lifted up out over two or tratamentoand Protective persoal of data that youEmprego Persians who voluntarily contact forms to contact Hotel Áncora da Ría, and or access to its own page instead sua,involving two seus data communication topersoais Hotel Áncora da Ría.
1.- Das update policies
 Hotel Áncora da Ría modify, sen notice to this policy that sexaPrivacidade semper Mesmer necessary to adapt to change lexislativo calque,regramentario, xurisprudencial, administrativeou coa finalidade ore policy to adaptinstrucións dita Axencia Protective Polishditadas Data or obxeto lexítimo of. Desta Tracepolicy changes or previous non however, will be published and web page instead warned na Hotel Áncora da Ría e na more like this policy. For all or previous, Hotel Áncora da Ría os recommended users regularly read politicalco WITH THESE order you connected themnas changes are made.
2.- File Purpose
 Hotel Áncora da Ría no requests at its website, data users that visit,except merely identifying data, therefore, the communication of personal data by the user Hotel Áncora da Ría  Through its Web page (contact form) can onlybe understood to take place when theseservices voluntarily use the contact form to get in touch with Hotel Áncora da Ría, since in these cases the processing of data isinevitable and implicit in the communication system. For these cases and those describedin the following section, the entity informs theclient that the data processing performed for the following purposes: To carry out allformalities than relacioadas preparation of budgets, procurement and provision of services Hotel Áncora da Ría, the company to which they belong or in his casethe interested party who requests it. As well asmeet and answer the incoming communications and business-prospectingkeep users informed of possible deals.
3.- Consent
It is reported that when the user does notmaintain relations with Hotel Áncora da Ría, and make sending an email or a communication Hotel Áncora da Ría, stating other personal data, said user will begiving your consentimiento free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express to theprocessing of personal data by Hotel Áncora da Ría, whit purposes set forth above, as well as meettheir communication or send documentation.
For the same purposes, Hotel Áncora da Ría reports that if the customer sends an email orcommunicate Hotel Áncora da Ría their personal data by reason of the position it occupies in a company either as an administrator, manager, representative and / orany other office as the contact person at thecompany, understood that such communicationinvolves the provision of their free consent,unequivocal, specific , informed and express tothe processing of personal data by Hotel Áncora da Ría, whith purposes set out above.
4.- Identification of recipients with respect to the Hotel Áncora da Ría  has planned to carry out assignment u access data on behalf of third parties
Hotel Áncora da Ría  only plans to carry out transfers or data communications on the grounds that Article11.2.c. Organic Law 15/99 of protection ofpersonal data (hereinafter Data Protection Act)must perform to meet their obligations casPublic Administration, organizations or personsdirectly related to Hotel Áncora da Ría, in cases which, as required in accordance with the legislation in force in each subject and atevery moment.
The same Hotel Áncora da Ría puts the user in the knowledge that any othertransfer of data that must be made, will be puton his knowledge when so prevea the Data Protection Act, so informing express,unequivocal and precise information fromrecipients, the purpose for which data areallocated, and the nature of the datatransferred, or where applicable, the data Protection Act when the established, previouslyasked the specific and unequivocal consent to the informed user.
However, Hotel Áncora da Ría informs the user and the customer that anyprocessing of personal data, sujetase the legislation in force in Spain in terms of dataprotection established by the Data Protection Act and its regulations supplement andDevelopment. In this regard,Hotel Áncora da Ría  alone is responsible and ensures theconfidentiality of personal data that the userrequested via the website.
5.- Quality of data
 Hotel Áncora da Ría  warns the user that saved the existence of alegally constituted representative, any user can use the identity of another person andcommunicate your personal data, so the user atall times must take into account that it willinclude personal information corresponding totheir own identity and are adequate, relevant, current, accurate and true. To such end, the user will be solely responsible to forward anydamage, direct and / or indirect, to cause to third parties or Hotel Áncora da Ría, the use of personal information of anotherperson, or their own personal data when they are false, incorrect, not current, presumptuousor inappropriate. Also the user to use thepersonal data of third parties, respond to thisobligation to the information set out in Article5.4 of the Data Protection Act for whenpersonal data have not been recabados theinterested party, and / or the consequences of not having him informed.
6.- Exercise of rights of access, opposition,rectification and erasure of data.
Hotel Áncora da Ría informs the user the ability to exercise theirrights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing addressed to Hotel Áncora da Ría  accompanied by a photocopy of ID at the following address:
- Hotel Áncora da Ría  ,
 - Address: Rúa Trincherpe, 16   15970   Porto do Son (A Coruña - Galicia).
7.- Use of forms for collectingpersonal data by Hotel Áncora da Ría  .
 Hotel Áncora da Ría   includes a legend in the form of data collection,which indicates all conditions for the processing of personal data in accordance with Article 5 of the Data Protection Act, such asmandatory or optional answers the questionsthey are prantexadas consequences of obtaining the data or the refusal tosuministralos, the purposes of collection, the possible transfers that are carried out, andconsent to the processing of personal datacarried out.
8.- Security measures adopted with regard to theprocessing of personal data.
 Hotel Áncora da Ría   informs the user that, in accordance with theData Protection Act and the Regulations on Security Measures adopted the technicalmeasures and organizational measures toensure the security of personal data and prevent tampering, loss, or unauthorized access, bearing in account the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks they are exposed. equally Hotel Áncora da Ría  ensures user compliance with the duty torespect professional secrecy of personal dataof users and the duty to save them.